Kit de suspensión de clip

Clip hanger is an alternative design for securing coaxial cables safely in place by clip-on locking mechanism. It features a pre-punched 7/16" hole, can be used with tower angle adapters and hose clamps, to be mounted to a tower leg or onto a pole (pipe).

Características del producto:

»Construcción de acero inoxidable 304

» Supports single run of coax

»Acepta inserciones para colgar, arandelas de goma o cojines de barril

»Admite cables coaxiales de 1/2" a 1-5 / 8 "

» Sold as a kit of 10 (hanger hardware kit purchased separately)

Parte #Hanger TypeMaterialDescripción del producto
CH-12Clip-OnAcero inoxidable 304Clip Hanger Kit for 1/2" Cable
CH-78Clip-OnAcero inoxidable 304Clip Hanger Kit for 7/8" Cable
CH-114Clip-OnAcero inoxidable 304Clip Hanger Kit for 1-1/4" Cable
CH-158Clip-OnAcero inoxidable 304Clip Hanger Kit for 1-5/8" Cable

Informacion rapida

Manufacturer: Volda
Lugar de origen: Jiangsu, China
Product Name: Clip Hanger Kit
Paquete: Kit de 10
Application: Tower coax installation
MOQ: 500
Muestra ofrecida: Gratis a nuestro costo
Método de envío: vía marítima, vía aérea, DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc.
Puerto de envío: Shanghai, China

clip hanger kit

About Volda

Volda is professional in manufacturing coaxial cable accessories and is dedicated to providing telecommunication tower components, installation solutions and designing new products for base station infrastructures. Volda supplies a full line of coax supports and weatherproofing accessories from the ground to the top of telecommunication towers.