Descripción del producto

7/8" Feeder Cable 50 ohm, PE Jacket, 500m (1640') / Roll

Volda's feeder cables have reliable performace, excellent electrical characteristics and flexibility, low insertion loss & attenuation, low passive intermodulation (PIM). Our 7/8" feeder cable meets the high standard quality requirements of Rosenberger, Amphenol, Commscope and substitute of 123-3-50, AVA5-50, RFS LCF78-50JA, etc.

Cable Specification

Conductor internoMaterialCobre
Diámetro9,10 ± 0,10 milímetro
AislamientoMaterialEspuma PE
Diámetro22,70 ± 0,20 mm
Conductor externoMaterialCobre corrugado
Diámetro24,90 ± 0,25 milímetro
Diámetro27,50 ± 0,25 milímetro
Impedancia50 ohmios ± 1,5 ohmios
Capacidad76 pF / m
Resistencia de aislamiento10000 MΩ / km
La punta del Poder90 kW
Voltaje pico3200 V
Frecuencia de corte5,2 GHz
800 - 1000 MHz≤ 1,13 (VSWR)
1700 - 2200 MHz≤ 1,13 (VSWR)
2200 - 2700 MHz≤ 1,15 (VSWR)

About Volda

Volda is professional in manufacturing coaxial cable accessories and is dedicated to providing telecommunication tower components, installation solutions and designing new products for base station infrastructures. We supply a full line of coax support and weatherproofing accessories from the ground to the top of telecommunication towers, including coaxial connectors, feeder cables, cable clamps, grounding & lightning protection, wall cable entry systems, pulling grips, etc.