1095 Steel Strip

We focus on high dimensional accuracy and excellent surface quality and we have been producing high-quality steel strips for different industrial and technical purposes gaining experience to get best results in each market.

Our raw materials are coming only from well-known steel producers, for examples, BaoSteel, Shougang Steel for the best guarantee in terms of quality.

Our cold rolled hardened and tempered steel strips for saw blades are supplied in moderately smooth finish, free of lamination, pitting and scale on surfaces, they are the best starting point for high precision tools.

Main Applications

General purposes: springs, shutter springs, circular saws, gang saws, band saws, hand saws

Steel Grades

Following chart shows the standard steel grades we are supplying currently.

C15E10150.12-0.180.40 max0.30-0.600.0350.0350.40 max---
C45E10450.42-0.500.40 max0.50-0.800.0250.0250.40 max0.10-0.40 max
C60S10600.57-0.650.40 max0.60-0.900.0250.0250.40 max0.10-0.40 max
C67S10700.65-0.730.40 max0.60-0.900.0250.0250.40 max0.10-0.40 max
C75S10750.70-0.800.40 max0.60-0.900.0250.0250.40 max0.10-0.40 max
C100S10950.95-1.050.40 max0.30-0.600.0250.0250.40 max0.10-0.40 max