Stainless Steel Threaded Rod Hardware Kits

Threaded rod hardware kit includes (10) 3/8" stainless steel threaded rods, (20) 3/8" stainless steel flat washers, (20) 3/8" stainless steel lock washers and (20) 3/8" stainless steel hex nuts. Passive intermodulation (PIM) is a well-known problem in cellular systems. We offer end-to-end solutions to locate and mitigate PIM using our products.

Part #Product Description
SSRK-6Threaded Rod Hardware Kit 3/8" x 6"
SSRK-8Threaded Rod Hardware Kit 3/8" x 8"
SSRK-10Threaded Rod Hardware Kit 3/8" x 10"
SSRK-12Threaded Rod Hardware Kit 3/8" x 12"

Quick Information

Manufacturer: Volda
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Product Name: Stainless Steel Threaded Rod Hardware Kit
Package: Kit of 10
Application: Tower coax installation
MOQ: 500
Sample offered: Free at our cost
Shipment Method: Sea way, air way, DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc.
Port of Shipment: Shanghai, China

PIM Shield Stainless Steel Threaded Rod Kit

About Volda

Volda is professional in manufacturing coaxial cable accessories and is dedicated to providing telecommunication tower components, installation solutions and designing new products for base station infrastructures.