Support Grip

Support grips are designed to hold the weight for electrical cable as it hangs in vertical, sloping or horizontal positions. Support grips are used on any application such as supporting cable, metal rods, hose, and tubing. Specific applications include buildings, poles, excavations, mine shafts, towers, elevators, potheads, terminators, or other structures.

Product Features:

» Made from stranded tinned bronze wire

» Applications: Supporting cable, metal rods, hose, and tubing

» Range from 0.50" to 3.99"

» Breaking strength up to 4900 LBS

» Standard single eye style (closed mesh, lace closing and rod closing available)


Single Eye, Closed Mesh

Part NumberDiameter RangeEye LengthMesh LengthBreaking Strength
SGC-050-SE0.50"-0.62"7"10"530 LBS
SGC-063-SE0.63"-0.74"8"10"790 LBS
SGC-075-SE0.75"-0.99"8"13"1020 LBS
SGC-100-SE1.00"-1.24"9"14"1610 LBS
SGC-125-SE1.25"-1.49"10"15"1610 LBS
SGC-150-SE1.50"-1.74"12"17"1610 LBS
SGC-175-SE1.75"-1.99"14"19"2150 LBS
SGC-200-SE2.00"-2.49"16"21"3260 LBS
SGC-250-SE2.50"-2.99"18"23"3260 LBS
SGC-300-SE3.00"-3.49"21"25"4900 LBS
SGC-350-SE3.50"-3.99"24"27"4900 LBS

Single Eye, Lace Closing

Part NumberDiameter RangeEye LengthMesh LengthBreaking Strength
SGL-050-SE0.50"-0.62"7"10"530 LBS
SGL-063-SE0.63"-0.74"8"10"790 LBS
SGL-075-SE0.75"-0.99"8"13"1020 LBS
SGL-100-SE1.00"-1.24"9"14"1610 LBS
SGL-125-SE1.25"-1.49"10"15"1610 LBS
SGL-150-SE1.50"-1.74"12"17"1610 LBS
SGL-175-SE1.75"-1.99"14"19"2150 LBS
SGL-200-SE2.00"-2.49"16"21"3260 LBS
SGL-250-SE2.50"-2.99"18"23"3260 LBS
SGL-300-SE3.00"-3.49"21"25"4900 LBS
SGL-350-SE3.50"-3.99"24"27"4900 LBS

Single Eye, Rod Closing

Part NumberDiameter RangeEye LengthMesh LengthBreaking Strength
SGR-050-SE0.50"-0.62"7"10"530 LBS
SGR-063-SE0.63"-0.74"8"10"790 LBS
SGR-075-SE0.75"-0.99"8"13"1020 LBS
SGR-100-SE1.00"-1.24"9"14"1610 LBS
SGR-125-SE1.25"-1.49"10"15"1610 LBS
SGR-150-SE1.50"-1.74"12"17"1610 LBS
SGR-175-SE1.75"-1.99"14"19"2150 LBS
SGR-200-SE2.00"-2.49"16"21"3260 LBS
SGR-250-SE2.50"-2.99"18"23"3260 LBS
SGR-300-SE3.00"-3.49"21"25"4900 LBS
SGR-350-SE3.50"-3.99"24"27"4900 LBS


Quick Information

Manufacturer: Volda
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Product Name: Support Grips
Package: 1 piece / bag
Applications: Supporting cable, metal rods, hose, and tubing
MOQ: 100
Sample offered: Free at our cost
Shipment Method: Sea way, air way, DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc.
Port of Shipment: Shanghai, China