1045 Carbon Steel Strip

High carbon steel strip is our core business. We focus on high dimensional accuracy and excellent surface quality. The particular AISI/SAE high carbon steel strips we supply are used by diverse industries in the manufacture of products such as saw blades, power springs, chainsaws, automotive parts.

Our raw materials are coming only from best steel makers in China, such as Baosteel, Shougang Steel. All processes are executed in our own mill to ensure best performance in thickness constancy, flatness and reliable mechanical properties.


Chemical Composition:

Carbon: 0.42-0.50%

Silicon: 0.40% max

Manganese: 0.50-0.80%

Phosphorous: 0.025% max

Sulfur: 0.025% max


Supply Conditions:

Hardened and tempered, cold rolled annealed, spheroidized annealed

Surface: nature, polished, blue, yellow, black

Edge: slit, sheared, square, rouned

Hardness: 29-55HRC (H+T), below 20HRC (Annealing)


Steel Applications:

C45E carbon steel is widely used for all industrial applications requiring more wear resistance and strength. Typical applications of AISI/SAE1045 are as follows:

Axles, bolts, connecting rods, studs, rams, pins,rolls, spindles, ratchets, crankshafts, torsion bars,sockets, worms, light gears, guide rods etc.