AISI SAE 1095 High Carbon Steel

High carbon steel strips are transformed in our mill to meet the requirements of refined industry steel components, for examples, saw blades, power springs, chainsaws, automotive parts.

Our raw materials are coming only from best steel makers in China, such as Baosteel, Shougang Steel. All processes are executed in our own mill to ensure best performance in thickness constancy, flatness and reliable mechanical properties.

high carbon steel, cold rolled steel strip

AISI / SAECarbonManganesePhosphorousSulfur
10550.52-0.600.60-0.900.030 max0.050 max
10600.55-0.650.60-0.900.030 max0.050 max
10650.60-0.700.60-0.900.030 max0.050 max
10700.65-0.750.60-0.900.030 max0.050 max
10740.70-0.800.50-0.800.030 max0.050 max
10750.70-0.800.40-0.700.030 max0.050 max
10800.75-0.880.60-0.900.030 max0.050 max
10850.80-0.930.70-1.000.030 max0.050 max
10900.85-0.980.60-0.900.030 max0.050 max
10950.90-1.030.30-0.500.030 max0.050 max

Quick Information

Manufacturer: Volda
Place of Origin: Fujian, China
Product Name: 1095 High Carbon Steel Strip Coil
General Purposes: Chains, bearings, clutches, hings, washers, safety rings.
Supply Conditions: Hardened and tempered, cold rolled annealed, spheroidized annealed.
MOQ: Please consult our sales team
Sample offered: Free at request
Port of Shipment: Shanghai / Fuzhou, China

high carbon steel strips, cold rolled steel strips