Hybrid Cable Clamp for (3) DC Power 10-20mm and (3) Fiber Optic 4-8mm

Hybrid cable clamp is designed to hold three runs of power cable from 10mm to 20mm and three runs of fiber optic cable from 4mm to 8mm. The rubber inserts inside are pre-attached to the hanger itself, which is more convinient for installers to operate during installation.

Technical Specification

1M8 Threaded Rod304 Stainless
2M8 Nut304 Stainless
3M8 Spring Washer304 Stainless
4M8 Flat Washer304 Stainless
5Plastic HangerPP
6Rubber InsertEPDM
7Angle Adapter304 Stainless
8M8 x 40mm Hexagon Head Screw304 Stainless

Cable Size: 4-8mm, 10-20mm

Hanger Type: Configuration

Number of Cables: 6

Axial Load Capability: 5 times cable weight

Corrosion Resistance: 96 hours in salt spray chamber

Mounting: M8 spanner

Operating Temperature: -40°C to 85°C

UV Resistance: 100 hours exposure in accelerated UV life chamber

Vibration Survival: 4 hours at resonant frequency

RoHS 2002/95/EC: Compliant

Goods Package

Quick Information

Manufacturer: Volda
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Product Name: Hybrid Cable Clamp for (3) DC Power 10-20mm and (3) Fiber Optic 4-8mm
Part Number: FCC1020-3
Sample offered: Free at our cost
Port of Shipment: Shanghai, China

About Volda

Volda is professional in manufacturing coaxial cable accessories and is dedicated to providing telecommunication tower components, installation solutions and designing new products for base station infrastructures. Volda supplies a full line of coax supports and weatherproofing accessories from the ground to the top of a telecommunication tower.