Cushion Hanger, Hanger Kit

An efficient solution for coax installation. It provides a broad selection of hole sizes and layout for coaxial cables, fiber optic cables, elliptical waveguide, etc. The cushion hanger kit is composed of boot cushion, hose clamp and clamp head. Boot cushion is made from EPDM rubber, and hose clamp, clamp head are both 304 stainless steel.

The clamp head has a 3/8" hole to accept tower stand-off adapters and standard angle adapters. The slotted holes on the clamp head allow it to accept hose clamps, cable ties to mount to a pole, pipe or other round members.

Product CodeDescription
CHK-38-3Cushoin Hanger w/ 3 Holes for 3/8" Cable
CHK-12-3Cushoin Hanger w/ 3 Holes for 1/2" Cable
CHK-12-9Cushoin Hanger w/ 9 Holes for 1/2" Cable
CHK-78-2Cushoin Hanger w/ 2 Holes for 7/8" Cable
CHK-78-3Cushoin Hanger w/ 3 Holes for 7/8" Cable
CHK-114-1Cushoin Hanger w/ 1 Hole for 1 1/4" Cable
CHK-158-1Cushoin Hanger w/ 1 Hole for 1 5/8" Cable



Quick Information

Manufacturer: Volda
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Product Name: Cushion Hanger, Hanger Kit
Package: 5 pcs / bag + 100 pcs / box + well film wrapped pallet
Application: Coax installation
MOQ: 1000
Sample offered: Free at our cost
Port of Shipment: Shanghai, China


About Volda

Volda manufactures and supplies a full line of coax supports and weatherproofing accessories, from the ground to the top of a telecommunication tower.